“The Design Workspace” Reina Sofía Museum

“The Design Workspace” Reina Sofía Museum

On May 22 at “The Design Workspace” at the Reina Sofía Museum in Madrid. It was an experience to be able to share our latest innovations in professional furniture with everyone and explore together how we can improve workspaces.

Kabitalk: The Work Booth for Collaboration and Concentration

One of the great attractions of the event was our series of work booths Kabitalk. Designed to facilitate collaboration and concentration, Kabitalk offers private spaces in open environments. The response was incredible, and we love seeing how it can transform workspaces.

IMG 2043 IMG 2040


Loki: Functional Wardrobes with Style

We also show our cabinet series Loki, perfect for keeping everything in order without sacrificing style. Its design remains relevant and appreciated for its functionality and modern aesthetics.

IMG 1807


JDM saddle

Our seating series, designed to offer maximum comfort and ergonomics during the work day.

We know how important a good chair is for productivity and well-being, which is why our chairs are made to withstand long hours of use without compromising postural health. The wide range of finishes available ensures there is a perfect option for every space and style.

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We want to thank everyone who attended and shared their time with us. Your support and enthusiasm inspire us to continue innovating and improving our furniture solutions.