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We are a family business, characterized by a Spanish 100% product and with the use of only European components. 

We have great improvements in technology and quality to continue offering total excellence in our products. 

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Innovation & functionality.

Elegant and functional, straight lines that outline seriousness and integration with the environment.  We have a new catalogue of office furniture with a renewed image and a good number of novelties. office furniture catalog with a renewed image and a good number of novelties. 

We manufacture and store office furniture in Spain and we have more than 25,000 square meters for manufacturing and storage.

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Get to know our office chairs.

what happens when we get together design, innovation, functionality and ergonomics? At Ismobel we create everything you need to make your day-to-day work as smooth as possible down to the smallest detail. functional possible. And with it, a chair perfectly adaptable to any user's need. 

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Classic precision meets modern design concept

The design It is used as the main axis of all our projects. For this reason we are committed to the latest techniques and designed, like the development, for the subsequent manufacture of furniture, using at all times the latest technologies in the sector

Projects and facilities

Discover the different international projects in which we have worked through our office furniture installations.